Adcor® is a unique product that has been specifically developed to provide higher Adcor® Adhesive MS: An adhesive for gluing Adcor S to smooth. Adcor® S. Product Description. A conformable, swellable polymer/butyl rubber waterstop strip that expands in contact with water. When fully encapsulated by. GCP can also uniquely provide continuity of swellable waterstops at construction joint/movement joint intersections. This is achieved by linking Adcor S with.

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Brushcrete is a two component polymer reinforced cementitious waterproofing compound that requires only on site mixing to form the ideal product to waterproof and resurface concrete, masonry, and most other construction materials. Can be used adcr conjunction with: First, choose the form factor that is best for your application: Waterpoofs substrates up to 7 bars of pressure, ideal for contact with 50s water.

Retains cohesive strength at both original and expanded volume. The product is a single component system which incorporates the most advanced microsilica, polymer and fibre technology. Joints between floor slabs and pile caps.

Adcor S MSDS Download Health & Safety Software | Sevron

Flexiseal PRO, as a system, is used in all situations where a high performance tanking or damp proof membrane is required. It is suitable for use on masonry or wood surfaces on which Bituthene membranes will be applied. Volumetric expansion in cement water: Typical applications include preventing water ingress into basements, cellars and 500w below ground structures. Bentorub is designed for sealing construction joints, cold joints and working joints in concrete, around pipe penetrations, in sewer joints, against slurry walls and sheet piling, etc.

Adcor S Data Sheet. Alderprufe Membrane 20K is recommended for use as a self adhesive waterproofing membrane for both vertical and horizontal work in tanking applications. Floor slabs cast against diaphragm retaining walls, steel sheet piles and secant piled walls. The thixotropic, shrinkage compensated nature of the product enables easy high build trowel applications.


Conformable – can be 500x onto a variety of irregular substrates.

Mulseal DP dries to a flexible film. In new-build applications it can also be applied to the external wall of the basement. Hydrotite CJ is the most popular format and is commonly used to provide a high-performance water-stop in large concrete structures.

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Price Cetco Voltex Membrane. Alderprufe Membrane 15k General purpose tanking membrane. The high swelling, low permeable sodium bentonite is encapsulated between a non-woven and woven geotextile. The components are needle-punched together uniformly across the membrane to hold the bentonite sealing material in a stable position.

Price Adcor S Waterstop. Price Bituthene Servipak Board 3mm. Price Alderprufe 20K Membrane. Price Bituthene Servipak Board 12mm. Price RIW Structureseal 5. Construction joints in foundation slabs or below grade wallsAround pipes, steel H-piles, and other penetrationsNew-to-existing concrete workSeptic tanks, sanitary and storm sewer manholesUtility and burial vaults.

Plaza areas, balconies walkways and parking decks are examples of applications in split slab construction. Resists at least 6 bar 60 m hydrostatic pressure. The product is designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure, by promoting the flow of ground water away from the face of the structure to land drainage. Procor 10 – 20 lt pack Call for price Data Sheet. Cementseal is a two component, polymer modified cement based waterproof coating for concrete and masonry, with excellent adhesion to prepared substrates.

Double Drain can be used in conjunction with a 500s waterproofing system, or on its own, to isolate the structure from the surrounding soil.

Febtank Super, when afcor with clean water, forms an extremely durable waterproof coating for concrete and masonry which is easily applied by a stiff hand brush, broom or spray.

Flexiseal PRO primer is used to seal porous or contaminated surfaces, and to aid adhesion of the membrane. RIW LAC is a two coat, cold applied bitumen damp proofing membrane, which dries to a uniform gloss black finish. Cementfill HB is used for the structural repair rendering and profiling of vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces.


These waterstops have been independently tested up adxor 27 metres head, in construction, expansion and kicker joints in concrete water retaining and excluding structures.

Adcor® 500S

They cure within hours and form a monolithic, flexible rubber membrane. Vandex BB75 is a tanking slurry also known as a waterproofing slurry for basement and cellar waterproofing applications. The single wi r e bead s t ru cture ensures the durability of the tyre even with hard use. A high performance self adhesive membrane for a range of waterproofing applications in- cluding basements and substructures.

It hydrates to form a durable, highly alkaline, permanently elastomeric coating which not only protects the concrete, or other substrates, from water penetration and carbon dioxide diffusion, but also accommodates movement in cracks.

Procor 10 – 20 lt pack. Resists both negative and positive water pressure. The Bentonite used in the manufacture of Dual Seal is capable of repeated cycles of wetting and drying without deterioration of its sealing properties and has a life expectancy measured in thousands of years BBA Certified. A self-centring mobile work table makes it easy [ Proofex Engage Detail Strip A reinforced, double sided waterproof adhesive tape for use as reinforcing at all floor and wall junctions.

Cementseal may be used internally or externally, to provide Type A barrier protection; as classified in BS As a result, t h e bead o f a dhesive was applied relatively imprecisely on account of the tolerances of the mounting plate and hanger.

Price Proofex Engage Detail Strip. It can be used as a tanking or damp proof membrane for both horizontal and vertical applications.