Argemone ochroleuca Sweet subsp. ochroleuca (Mexican poppy) is widespread throughout NSW, it has cream to pale yellow petals; seeds approximately. Argemone mexicana subsp. ochroleuca (Sweet) Schwarzb., Pl. Syst. Evol. (3- 4): , comb. inval. Argemone mexicana var. Abstract. The effects of 2 concentrations (15 and 30%) of ethanolic Argemone ochroleuca Sweet (Papaveraceae) extracts were determined on the feeding.

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Sheldon Navie mature fruit releasing its numerous seeds Photo: National Germplasm Resources Laboratory.

Argemone ochroleuca

In Australia, provided that sufficient moisture is present, seeds can germinate all year round Northern Territory Government, and flowering and fruiting occurs in the spring through to autumn Flora of North America, Argemone ochroleuca pale Mexican pricklypoppy ; fruit. Physiology and Phenology A. Published in Invasive Plants.

Seedling showing leaf rosette formation. What Does The Law Say? Alien weeds and invasive plants: Biological control of weeds in the Northern Territory.

Scientific name

When the fruit is ripe it opens from the apex downwards, splitting away from ochrolehca style with ribs attached to the stigma and so resembling the ribs of an umbrella.


Though it has been spread widely as a contaminant, Argemone ochroleuca can be used as an ornamental plant However, this use cannot compensate for this plant’s overall negative impacts. The genus Argemone contains around 30 species, all with prickly stems, leaves and capsules Schwarzbach and Kadereit, Risk of Introduction Top of page A.

Collingwood, Victoria Weber E ‘Invasive plant species of the world: Argemone ochroleuca Sweet subsp. This plant is found on the north coast and northern and central slopes of NSW. Mexico What is its invasive status in South Africa? Light tillage can destroy seedlings. A reference guide to environmental weeds. Cyto-palynological studies on weed flora of cultivable lands of Patiala district Punjab.

Flora of North America. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using.

Argemone ochroleuca – Wikipedia

When the fruit is ripe it opens from the apex downwards, splitting away from the style with ribs attached to the stigma and so argemonne the ribs of an umbrella. Louis, Missouri and Cambridge, Massachusetts. It grows from 60 to cm in height. Flora of Pakistan, This species reproduces via large numbers of seed.


The sepals are shed as the flower opens. The main danger to livestock, horses and poultry usually comes from fodder and other stock feeds that have become contaminated with its leaves or seeds Northern Territory Government, It is also possible for the whole plant to break off at the base which can ocyroleuca blown by the wind into new areas Queensland Government, Distribution Top of page A.

Click on images to enlarge Flower Photo: Ownbey differentiates it from A. Australia Felfoldi EM ‘Identifying the weeds around you. Does the plant have any uses?

Sheldon Navie comparison of the leaves and immature fruit of Argemone mexicana, left, and Argemone ochroleuca subsp. Social Impact Top of page A. CAB International, pp.