Der zweite Bergier Bericht enthält zwar eine Fülle Informationsmaterial sowie Keywords: history; World War II; Switzerland; refugees; Bergier Commission. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Peter Stadler and others published Der Bergier-Bericht }. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Dec 1, , Peter Stadler and others published Der Bergier-Bericht }.

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Parliament Parliamentary interventions and debates of the Council.

The procedure for gaining access to official documents begrier accordance with the transparency principle. Retrieved from ” https: Volume 54 Issue 1 Decpp. Volume 57 Issue 1 Decpp. Volume 71 Issue 1 Decpp.

The contribution of Swiss companies to the German war effort was important, if not decisive. Open issues Information on main open issues between Switzerland and the EU. Volume 50 Issue 1 Decpp.

Access to official documents The procedure for gaining access to official documents in accordance with the transparency principle. After negotiations, the Swiss government signed the Washington Agreement in May which called to a payment by the Swiss of million francs in exchange for the dropping of claims relating to the Swiss role in incriminating gold transactions during the war period. Even beforethe Swiss Federal Political Department had suggested the applying of German law concerning race to Swiss companies.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Volume Issue 3 Mar berich, pp. Without this opportunity, Germany would not have been able to start a pan-European war in so short a time. Swiss firms also neglected the interests, particularly in the banking and insurance sectors of clients who were persecuted by the Nazis.

My search history My favourites. Contact Contact the DEA. Volume 23 Issue 1 Decpp. This is all the more serious in view of the fact that the authorities, who were quite aware of the possible consequences of their decision, not only closed the borders in Augustbut continued to apply this restrictive policy for over a year.


Berichh which relied heavily on foreign trade experienced an increasingly difficult position during the protectionist ‘s. Are you missing a word, phrase or translation? Volume 99 Issue 1 Janpp.

In addition, Credit Suisse and the Swiss Bank Corporation closely cooperated with major German banks which resulted “in some of the most questionable transactions of the wartime period: Please sign in or register for free if you want to use this function. Negotiations Information on negotiations between Switzerland and the EU.

The Commission concluded that the dual responsibilities of a democratic state to its own people and to the international community were not met during the period examined, and were often ignored during the fifty year post-war period.

However, the Commission found that the practice of certifying the Aryan origin of its staff was widespread among owners and senior managers of Swiss companies in Nazi-occupied territory. The commission also addressed the issue of the use of slave and forced labor in Swiss-owned firms and concluded: While it is true that Swiss offered humanitarian assistance to refugees in Switzerland and others in distress abroad, the Swiss government did not use its unique geographical and historical positions to offer protection to those persecuted by the Nazi state, rather they progressively closed their borders and returned refugees to Nazi authorities, driving many people to certain death.

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By adopting numerous measures making it more difficult for refugees to reach safety, and by handing over the refugees caught directly to their persecutors, the Swiss authorities were instrumental in helping the Nazi regime to attain its goals.


Bergier-Bericht (Motion Koch )

So, we logically cannot guarantee the quality of each and every translation. Chronology Important steps of the Switzerland’s European policy. If you want to copy vocabulary items to the vocabulary trainer, click on “Import” in the vocabulary list. Thousands of refugees were sent back even though authorities knew that they were likely sending them to their deaths.

Historische Zeitschrift

Enter a key word. Volume 16 Issue 1 Decpp. Volume 7 Issue 1 Decpp. Volume 81 Issue 1 Decpp. However, after the First World War, Switzerland was not immune to xenophobic and anti-semitic sentiments that were spreading through Europe.

Der Bergier-Bericht : Historische Zeitschrift

The initial reaction to Nazi policy of discriminating against Jews was mixed with some of the companies complying readily and even anticipating berict to come, while others held out and resisted discriminating as long as they could.

Brgier how foreign-language expressions are used in real life. In addition, we have begun to apply bergeir technology to further languages in order to build up usage-example databases for other language pairs. Volume 63 Issue 1 Decpp. The entry has been added to your favourites. It is hardly surprising that the SNB’s decisions have—quite legitimately—been the subject of historical and moral assessment on frequent occasions and that its decisions are judged as having been reprehensible.

Volume 69 Issue 1 Decpp. Submit a new entry. Volume 19 Issue 1 Decpp. Volume 27 Issue 1 Decpp. Volume 60 Issue 1 Decpp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As late asthe Union Bank of Switzerland granted Deutsche Bank a new loan of overfrancs.