Dec 16, BS combines some of the content of the BSI guides, BIP , BIP -2 and BIP BIPs ,2,3 are still current and can. In order to answer these questions, the British Standard (BIP ) came into published in by the British Standards Institution (BSI), and in an effort to. My Techpoints · Sign In · View Account▹ · Home; BS BIP Man Handbook / Manual / Guide by BSI Group, 12/19/ View all product details.

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Documents, such 0008 personnel records, may have a lifetime longer than the current system and therefore at some point will need to be migrated. Each of these could potentially compromise the ability to demonstrate the authenticity of the stored documents.

BIP 0008 Code of Practice

Quality control It is important to be able to demonstrate to a court that your quality controls are adequate and work. The Code advises that they be stored on the same storage device along with the metadata needed to identify the respective locations automatically and make an “accurate and unambiguous 000 of the complete document.

The available storage space can be reduced much more quickly than expected. Get independent assessment and certification to demonstrate that you apply the Hip standard to the way you manage your electronic information.

Compliance points that are often missing from systems include: BS outlines best practice for transferring electronic information between systems and migrating paper records to digital files. It sets out instances when, even if company policy is to destroy all documents after scanning, some papers may have to be retained: No alteration to the content or appearance of original company documents is made during the scanning process at Companies House.


See the “Guide to the Data Protection Act” for further details.

These processes can include de-skewing, de-speckling, background clean-up, border, “noise” and forms removal. The selection of a supplier whose process for conversion complies with this standard is essential. EDM makes life so much simpler because it enables organization and security, as well as time and money management.

British Standard BS BS sets out the requirements for the implementation and operation of electronic information management systems.

Find out what evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic evidence is and why BS is good for business. Data integrity should be inherent to the EDMS and any integrity anomalies should be automatically detected and reported. Once scanned, most original documents may be destroyed. Representation of Information i. Though there can be good reasons for improving image quality, care must be exercised in image cleanup to ensure that essential detail is not removed.

This includes data processing, information exchange between computers and electronic storage.

BIP 0008 British Code for Legal Admissibility and Record Retention

To support the move to new ways of working, guidance has been agreed that sets out clearly the legal basis for digital working.

An overview of the current volumes are here: This code seeks to define operational procedures which comply nsi good practice in the field of electronic document communications.

Getting started with BS Find out what evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic evidence is and why BS is good for business. Overview The issue of Legal Admissibility is at the core of records management principles.

Lossy compression should not be used for documents containing primarily text, but may be more acceptable with photographs. Preparation of documents prior to scanning The code requires that: The signature also has a secondary role, one of non-repudiation – the person creating a document and signing it cannot subsequently deny authorship.


BS Electronic information management | BSI Group

An ISO Standard for long term archiving. It also covers how to migrate paper records to microform or digital format without compromising quality. Enabling Technologies A typical system will be comprised of many different technologies. The audit trail, as a minimum, should log details of each significant event in the life of a document in the system.

All data is encrypted, while being transmitted both to and from data centers. Representation of Information An information management policy document will set out, for operating staff and any future litigants, the rules surrounding the various forms in which documents are held, the documents’ life cycles and the legal advice sought and acted upon. A person is required to keep some original documents.

Legal Admissibility – Document Management, Imaging, Scanning

Duty of Care To fulfil its responsibilities under the duty of care principle, an organisation will need to have in place: BS Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information BS is the British Standard that outlines best practice for the implementation and operation of electronic information management systems, including the storage and transfer of information. Use of PDF 1. Get started with BS