View Notes – Opp’s Notes(1).doc from CSE at Anna University Chennai – Regional Office, Coimbatore. CS OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING 3 0 . Anna University CS Object Oriented Programming Department of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology (Regulation. Download CS Object Oriented Programming notes Anna University lecturer notes and QUESTION PAPER.

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Lippman, Josee Lajoie, Barbara E.

Computers process data under the. Robert Lafore, Object-Oriented More information. Define Runtime polymorphism During multiple inheritances if the appropriate member function could be selected while the program is running is known as Runtime polymorphism What kbject data hiding?

Then, this can be performed as Elements of Java Chapter 2: To know how to. E Civil 5th Semester Question A function is a set of program statements that can be proceesed independently.

CS Object Oriented Programming – Lecture Notes (PPT)

Only the existing operator can be overloaded. The op is preceded by a keyword operator. Java is a platform independent language. Objects are the basic run time entities in an object oriented system. Defining function members outside class very simple to define functions outside class If the functions are big—define outside Static data members of class Orieented members are stored at a location where they are retained throughout the execution of the program and are not stored with class objects. Cleopatra Drusilla Bruce 1 years ago Views: Initially named as C with classes.


The above conversion operator function can also be invoked explicitly as follows: And, we have three additional member functions GetLengthAreaCalculation and DisplayArea to get length from user, calculate the area and display the area respectively. How does an enumerated statement differ from a typedef statement? Explain the use obhect explicit constructors with an example program.

Then all oriehted have to do is define object and constructor will initialize object automatically. Calling a non-volatile member function from this object is unsafe, because b’s state might have been changed by a different thread in the meantime. Storing programs and data permanently in main memory is not preferred.

Ostream — output stream does formatted output.


Both increments the value of i by one, but fcn1 uses call-by-value as parameter passing mechanism and fcn2 uses call-by-reference. Reserved words or key words. It is a collection of statements that are grouped together to perform an operation.


Data Encapsulation or Information Hiding is the concealing of the implementation details of a data object from the outside world. The general form is return type classname:: What are the properties of a friend function?

Overload operators follow the syntax programmiing semantics rules of original operators. Create a class Time and display hour, minute and seconds using constructor overloading.

But, this method is not preferred. Java primitive types and operations.


The continue statement skips the remainder of the current iteration initiates the execution of the next iteration. To avoid such implicit conversions, a constructor that takes one argument can be declared explicit. What can be overloaded.