dhtmlxScheduler v4.x to PDF print tool for Java. Contribute to DHTMLX/scheduler -to-pdf-java development by creating an account on GitHub. dhtmlxScheduler v4.x to PDF print tool Contribute to DHTMLX/scheduler -to-pdf-net development by creating an account on GitHub. enum ColorScheme: “Color” – full-color printing, default value; “Gray” – prints in shades of black and white; “BlackWhite” – uses only.

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ICalRenderer properties as in: The default fields of time and text need to exist on the lightbox, the time specifies automatically the start and end fields. The layout of the scheduler will look like this:.

The method enables scheduler serialization and passes serialized data to a handler online service, controller action for generating a PDF document.

You can download any of the mentioned versions here. ICalRenderer properties as in:.

Is important to send an object with the structure key and label and nothing else. You need to modify the getFormatedEvent function as well to send the category as a property, otherwise this field won’t be send when you modify or update an appointment:. The JavaScript main file of Moment. To use the online export service, you need to add just one …. The routes object stores dhtmlxschedjler routes generated by Twig that will be used to update,create and delete the appointments.


Now that the routes are registered, you will need to create the controller that handle the routes and the logic on every one of them. Advertise with Our Code World.

We’ll describe what we need from them and if you aren’t able to include them excluding dhtmlx scheduler as it’s obviously necessary you can write your own fallback:. This could interest you. In this article we will discuss the possibility to export Scheduler data into different formats via Scheduler API. It has a clean Pprint and customizable appearance. Starting from version 4. ToICal method has 4 overloads: We won’t mess up the original structure of the downloaded zip file, so you will have in this case the folders codebase and samples inside dhtmlx that you can use to checkout the examples to make your scheduler besser later.

The first you need to do is to configure the default behaviour of your scheduler by modifying the config xhtmlxscheduler of scheduler. This is a stand-alone service that can work independently of the component itself. There’s a more modern way of data export with the help of the online export service Export to PDF One-page export Generally, export to PDF can be implemented in 2 ways: You can install them on your computer and export Scheduler to PDF locally.


By default, export will include only standard keys: See the client-side documentation for more details. ICalRenderer class has 3 properties that store the names of data properties to be hdtmlxscheduler.

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Then proceed to initialize the scheduler in some mode day, week or month in a DIV element and optionally specify the date where the scheduler should start. After placing the scripts in the correct locations, you can print the current state of the calendar by calling: This scheduler dhtmlxscheduoer very flexible and you can customize many things in the way you want, we recommend you to read the documentation too.

There are several export services available. If you store data in properties with some other names you can specify new values for those properties.

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Then configure the sections of the form to insert and edit the appointments. Looking for a new template for your next project?

While specifying images, remember that you need to set global paths as values of the “src” attribute.