Doppler Gear TechBit: DIN Spline Decoder *Calculations, procedures, processes, and data contained herein are to be used only with the judgment of a . This Spline Design Data is based on ISO the signs for the number of teeth and addendum modification factors of internal gear splines as defined in DIN. March DIN Splined connections with involute splines DIN 1 Table 3: Basic rack profile Parameters Symbol Spline data.

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Deviations and tolerances Reference diameters Modules 0,5 to 1,5 1,75 to 4 5 to 10 Example: Input of data for determination of allowances. Recommended tolerances and deviations for tip and root circle diameters Increasing the major diameter I spljne that is what you call “bore”, that’s what I found in the DIN standard has no impact on the backlash.

Internal and external spline teeth

A certain amount of experience is needed in selecting the deviations and tolerances suitable for practical applications. I am looking for over pin dims dwta following splines: Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts.

These should therefore only be used in a few exceptional cases.

Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. The dimensions and modules in brackets are avoidable values. Spline connections with straight splinw Calculation of tolerance limits Minimum form clearance Minimum form clearance cFmin? For details, see DIN5.


This makes it possible s;line adapt the gears to standardized ball and roller bearing diameters and to reduce the number of different tools required for manufacturing. The entire series of standards now consists of only four parts instead of the previous sixteen. In shafts, the superposition of all individual deviations lead to an effective tooth thickness that is greater than the actual thickness sspline can be measured.

In the data field of the workpiece drawing, it is given as the actual tolerance limit and as the reference mark actual Ref.

In the example above, a bearing with nominal bore size mm will slide above the spline to its journal dia located behind the spline. Bierens at Tilburg NL.

It lays down the following fundamental principles: The calculation results for the surface pressure and safeties for operation load and maximum load for shaft and hub are determined and displayed immediately during the input of values. The display of the accurate tooth form is a special highlight. A number of teeth expressed as 6 12 indicates six double teeth out of a total of Table 8 shows, as guide values, radial runouts of the reference circle of external splines relative to a reference axis.

DIN Splined connections with involute splines based on reference diameters_图文_百度文库

Tool standard rack tooth profiles for the other standards are also available, e. There are six deviations, from F to M for hubs and splline deviations from v to a for shafts.


The diameters of the tip and root circles of the shaft differ from the respective diameters of the hub by at least the bottom clearance c see figure 3.

Given these values, it is the designer’s task to select the deviations and tolerance classes. The property defining the fit is the fit of the flanks, the backlash. Students Click Here Join Us! The object of dwta revision was to combine the individual parts of this standard in a practical, useful and sensible manner.

DIN defines the design features of tools for manufacturing items with involute splines. The flanks of the teeth are subject to individual deviations from the profile, the flank line and the pitch.

WN2 – Toothed Shaft Design

Representation of accurate tooth form. Bottom clearance of flank-centred connections The spline specification looks like this: I’m looking for male spline dimensions to make a shaft to fit a din female spline Nx5x30x38x9H. All parameters for the basic rack tooth profile can be defined individually or determined automatically.

It is therefore recommended that these be indicated in the dn of a data field, see figure 6.