Professor Titular da Universidade de São Paulo. Verified email at Cited by Biofisica Eletrofisiologia Celular Canais iônicos Secreção. Professor Adjunto, Centro de Matemática, Computação e Cognição. Bekræftet mail på neurociênciaeletrofisiologia celularpercepção do tempo. Antonio Machado de Araújo. Universidade Federal da Paríba. Verified email at Biotecnologiabiologia celular e moleculareletrofisiologia.

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New articles by this author. The application of strain HeLa human epithelial cells for isolation and typing. However, there are difficulties in its understanding by students.

Modeling epilepsy with pluripotent human cells. A simple, inexpensive methods for teaching how membrane potentials are generated. Nucleic acids research 41 15, Alysson Renato MuotriPh. Enviado por Gabriel flag Denunciar. Journal of natural medicines 67 4, All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


Laboratório de Eletrofisiologia Celular

B imagem representativa de uma cultura que foi otimizada para eletrofisiologia. J Orofac Pain 24 3, Pluripotent stem cells, Cellular reprogramming, Neurological diseases, Drug-screening.

British journal of pharmacology 6, Advan Physiol Edu ; The Journal of membrane biology 55 3, Induced pluripotent stem cells generated from patients with ALS can be differentiated into motor neurons. Interactions of gephyrotoxin with the acetylcholine receptor-ionic channel complex.

Articles 1—20 Show more. The Vascular System 34 6, Their combined citations are counted only for the first article.

Ative o comando externo. Cuidadosamente agite a pipeta com uma celuoar para dissipar a interface de bolha de ar. Neuroscience letters 3, The tool was used in student group activities with the biology eletrofisiologai students with satisfactory results. Resting membrane potential and action potential. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg’s archives of pharmacology 2, Helping students to understand that outward cur- rents depolarize cells. Journal of ethnopharmacology 3, Cooperstein SJ, Watkins D.

Pluripotent stem cells in neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases. The acetylcholine receptor of the neuromuscular junction recognizes mecamylamine as a noncompetitive antagonist.


Demetrius Antonio Machado de Araújo – Google Scholar Citations

Placas de cultura de revestimento. Homologous recombination in human embryonic stem cells. British journal of pharmacology 5,