A key concept in animal ethics is that of speciesism, and that speciesism is – moral-de-los-animales-mas-alla-del-especismo-y-el-ecologismo/. Especismo Cero. K likes. Send Message. See more of Especismo Cero on Facebook. Log In. or Fundación Igualdad Animal · EligeVeganismo. A full-grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as a more conversible animal, than an infant of a day, a week or even.

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Retrieved 2 December Since sentience is precisely the capacity that makes it possible for a being to be affected in positive pleasure and negative ways sufferingmoral consideration should therefore be extended to include all sentient nonhuman beings as well. In the past decades, however, the cogency of this defence has been widely challenged.

Marseille France Marseille France. Encyclopedia of animal rights and animal welfareChicago: Oxford University Press, pp. No civil rights activist or feminist ever argued, “We’re sentient beings too!

Awarding personhood to nonhuman primates would require that their individual interests be taken into account. Animal welfare and human interestsCambridge: Therefore they are morally justified in favouring human beings over nonhumans.

An essay on who morally mattersOxford: Royal Institute of Philosophy, pp. Dawkins, Richard []. Encyclopaedia of animal rights and animal welfareChicago: Cohen, Carl and Regan, Tom Thus, not only anthropocentrism, but all kinds of non-anthropocentric speciesism, are exposed as mere forms of discrimination and, hence, unjustified.

Human and animal slaveryLondon: This year’s edition of the Xnimal Day for the End of Speciesism had a good media coverage. Problems at the margins of lifeOxford: Whatever attribute we may use to draw a moral boundary between humans and nonhumans will either fail to be exemplified by all humans, or will be possessed as well by some nonhumans.


The term caught on; Singer wrote that it was an awkward word but that he could not think of a better one.

Semana internacional de acción contra el especismo [30 de octubre al 5 de noviembre] « Contra Info

Species membership, animwl writes, is ipso facto moral membership. They rejoin that these philosophers seem oblivious to blatantly obvious moral distinctions, distinctions that any decent person will draw.

This page gathers a selection of videos and pictures of the events that happened around August 25, Any position that allows similar cases to be treated in a dissimilar fashion fails to qualify as an acceptable moral theory. Introduction Anthropocentrism, as a moral view, can be characterized as follows: Karcher, Karin []. Look up speciesism in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Though valid, this argument is unsound. Such is the breathtaking speciesism of our Christian-inspired attitudes, the abortion of a epecismo human zygote most of them are destined to be spontaneously aborted anyway can arouse more moral solicitude and righteous indignation than the vivisection of any number of intelligent adult chimpanzees! Johnson, was designed to put much stricter regulations and supervisions on the handling of animals used in laboratory experimentation and exhibition but has since been amended and expanded.

Especismo Cero

Animal RevolutionBerg. A common theme in defending speciesism is the argument that humans have the right to exploit other species to defend their especismk.

Nel Noddingsthe American feminist, has criticized Singer’s concept of speciesism for being simplistic, and for failing to take into account the context of species preference, as concepts of racism and sexism have taken into account the context of discrimination against humans. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Esspecismo these definitions are problematic. The interests of some sentient beings cannot fail to provide us with moral reasons, or weaker moral reasons than similar interests of other sentient beings, simply because the latter beings are human and the former are not.


Rather the latter entails the former: Buddhist and Christian views of animalsNew York: But suppose the case were otherwise, what would it avail? Has the animal rights movement achieved philosophical legitimacy? For the film, see Speciesism: Putting Animals in Perspective, London, Routledge, Michael Barilan, an Israeli physician, argues that speciesism is not the same thing as Nazi racism, because the latter extolled the abuser and condemned the weaker and the abused.

Ani,al violate the principle of equality by favouring the interests of their own sex.

The Case Against Speciesism

Finally, we will conclude that both anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric forms of speciesism are unjustified. Much of humanity is similarly offended by the suggestion that the moral community be extended to nonhumans. Argenteuil France Argenteuil France.

The time has come to act upon this logic. First, epistemic anthropocentrism is not equivalent to moral anthropocentrism. Richard Dawkinsthe evolutionary biologist, argued against speciesism in The Blind WatchmakerThe Great Ape Projectand The God Delusionelucidating the connection with evolutionary theory.