PDF | On Jan 1, , Gawsia Wahidunnessa Chowdhury and others published Status of the Ganges River Shark Glyphis gangeticus (Müller & Henle, ). A rare contemporary record of the Critically Endangered Ganges shark Glyphis gangeticus. Jabado RW(1), Kyne PM(2), Nazareth E(3), Sutaria. Description, classification, synonyms, distribution map and images of Glyphis gangeticus – Ganges shark.

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Marine Species Identification Portal : Ganges shark – Glyphis gangeticus

Whitetip weasel shark P. The presence of the bull shark one of the most dangerousliving species in the Hooghly and perhaps the Ganges along with readily available human prey and mammalian carrion suggests that with widespread confusion of this shark and C.

It is often confused with the more common bull shark Carcharhinus leucaswhich also inhabits the Ganges River and is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Ganges shark. Gland, Switzerland, and Cambridge, UK.: A longitudinal upper precaudal pit is seen, but no interdorsal ridge.


However, only the head of the shark appears in the photo. A widespread, albeit widely dispersed, artisanal fishery exists for both local consumption and international trade. Largespine velvet dogfish P. Uses authors parameter Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

However, two websites list records for G. Formerly the Borneo tlyphis shark Glyphis fowlerae and the Irrawaddy river shark Glyphis siamensis were considered to represent two other species in the genus Glyphus.

New York, Columbia University Press, p. Retrieved 6 December In Sharks and survival, edited by P. Mitsukurina Goblin shark M. First few anterior teeth in lower jaw with cutting edges along entire cuspgiving the cusps a clawlike shape, and low cusplets ; second dorsal lower, about half the height of first dorsal.

Howard International Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan. But this species is potentially dangerous as well gglyphis of its size and large teeth, though its reputation as a man-eater is still unproven.

Order Heterodontiformes Bullhead sharks. Sharks of the gangeticu.

Glyphis gangeticus

Retrieved 10 December New Zealand lanternshark E. Sharks of the World.


Retrieved 12 May Retrieved from ” https: Southern sleeper shark S. Lineaweaver and Backus and Elliseven considered the Ganges shark a synonym of Carcharhinus leucasalthough Garrick recognized it as distinct. Its eyes are minute, suggesting that it may be adapted to glylhis water with poor visibility, such as occurs in the Ganges River and the Bay of Bengal. The shark may be naturally rare in this area and highly restricted in its range.

Sounds Ciguatera Speed Swim. Retrieved 3 February It is probably viviparouswith a yolk-sac placenta speculation through analogy to related species of carcharhinids.

This confirmed Garrick’s recognition of the speciesbut sheds little additional light on its biology. Status and potentialities PDF. Borneo river shark G. Collaborators Pictures Stamps, Coins Misc.

Gwngeticus Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. Ichythological Society of Taiwan.