Gonzalo Halffter’s research works with citations and reads, including: In Memoriam Pedro Reyes Castillo. Gonzalo Halffter has expertise in. Gonzalo Halffter, Mexican entomologist. Red de Ecoetología; Instituto de Ecología A.C. – Carretera Antigua a Coatepec – XALAPA. Gonzalo Halffter . We have been addressing these questions with a strategy ( Halffter ) based on four .. , Arellano and Halffter , Arellano et al.

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It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. There is no reason for this to occur in every landscape. Of the four species caught, the abundance of three remained similar for T1 and T2, and only one, a rare species, was collected only once.

Changes were found in species composition, order of abundance, and in the proportion that a given species is present in the different functional groups. Altitudinal variation of dung beetle Scarabaeidae: Este trabajo pone de manifiesto que aunque la riqueza de especies del paisaje se mantiene relativamente constante, la riqueza a nivel local diversidad alfa cambia notablemente aun en lapsos cortos de tiempo.

Learning about and understanding the processes and mechanisms that structure a species assemblage in space, as well as its dynamics over time, are central tasks of the study of biodiversity.

Greater halffger of excrement leads to an increase in the abundance of coprophagous beetles and allows the species with larger bodies to increase notably between T1 and T2. As such, those conditions are distinct to those of the landscape surveyed in this study. Habitat associations and community analysis of south Texas dung beetles Coleoptera: In all of these cases, a closed protected area in regions will not be sufficient to conserve total species richness when whatever is outside of the area is left to be used with no ecological considerations or restrictions.

Verified email at posgrado. Pasado, Presente y Futuro.

Gonzalo Halffter

In TMCFs, we recorded a greater abundance of beetles for T2 than for T1, but we also recorded lower richness, and rare species one individual halfftter absent. Comision Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad. Even those cases such as biosphere reserves where nucleus areas are designated to meet the criterion of minimal disturbance, they are surrounded by a buffer zone that are to protect the nucleus.


Many of them, at certain times of the year, are rare in the forest or in coffee plantations, whereas the reverse is true at other times of the year.

Gonzalo Halffter – Google Scholar Citations

The other guilds change between sampling years, but there is no clear or uniform pattern. Of the 16 species found in Nealis3 were not collected in Howden and Scholtzand these were moderately abundant in the first sampling.

New citations to this author. Gonzapo of dung and carrion beetles in a disturbed Mexican tropical montane cloud forest and on shade coffee plantations. Regeneration of the secondary vegetation on the halffger strips and the presence of a “friendly” matrix for Scarabaeinae of tropical forests, it could be habitat with shade and humidity go a long way toward helping the species recover over time.

Effects of clearing in a tropical rain forest on the composition of the coproph-agous scarab beetle fauna Coleoptera. The same number of species was never recorded for the same habitat. As such, the goal of this research was to estimate the halfftwr over time in beetle assemblages in an anthropogenic alteration gradient.

Variation in abundance for the 18 species recorded was notable among the different habitats and collection times. Effects of deforestation on diversity, bio-mass and function of dung beetles on the eastern slopes of the Peruvian Andes.

Avaliacaodoimpactodafragmentacaoda floresta sobre Scarabaeinae Coleoptera: Lucrecia Arellano Investigador Titular. Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index gnozalo 33 iindex The use of indicator groups for measuring biodiversity as haltfter to community structure and function.

The dominance-diversity curves Fig. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. In the traditional shaded coffee plantation, total abundance were similar for gonnzalo years, and D. He earned his PhD in Sciences in from the National School of Biological Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, an institution at which he has served as both chair and head of the Biology and Zoology Departments and where he has been an emeritus lecturer since Email address for updates.

Global Ecology and Biogeography — Journal of Macroecology. This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. Finally, we used the G test for 2 by 6 contingency tables having applied the Yates correction for the traditional shaded coffee plantations, 2 by 5 contingency tables for Hwlffter, secondary forest, and the commercial shaded coffee plantation given that one guild was not detected in each habitatand 2 by 3 contingency tables for the pasture three guilds were not recorded in this habitat.

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This species can feed on decomposing fruit, such as those cultivated in this type of plantation, and this might explain its occasional abundance during T1. Howden and Howden attributed the changes in the beetle fauna to an increase in rainfall that favors the growth of the woody matorral vegetation and perhaps a dramatic increase in the abundance of the aggressive exotic species of fire ant Solepnosis invicta Buren during the last sampling period in Welder.

Species codes capital letters are given in Table 1; n i is the number of individuals of each species recorded in each habitat. He is an active participant in international organizations for the study, protection and conservation of the environment. The landscape is uneven, and the geology and soils are mainly volcanic. The nesting behavior of dung beetles Scarabaeinae. The most common species in the canopy belong to the genera IngaGrevilleaCitrusand Perseaand there are also some Platanus mexicanaPinusand Cupressus.

With the cumulative sampling effort for the entire landscape, double records doubletons disappeared, and there were only two species with a single record singletons.

Entrevista Gonzalo Halffter

Articles Cited by Co-authors. The highest richness 13 species was gonzzlo during the second sampling T2 of the traditional shaded coffee plantation, whereas the lowest richness three species was recorded in the first sampling T1 of the pasture. However, it is worth remembering the idea that Ricklefs expressed so clearly: With respect to species exchange over time, the Bray-Curtis index values Fig. New articles by this author.

Although all assemblages are dynamic, and this is associated with spatial and temporal variation in the habitat and with dispersal capacity and interactions Bengtsson et al. Two species Coprophanaeus telamon and Phanaeus gonzslo were moderately abundant in this habitat. Time-dependent beta diversity between years was calculated using the Bray-Curtis index.