THE COQUETTE; OR, THE HISTORY OF ELIZA WHARTON; A NOVEL; FOUNDED ON FACT. By a LADY of MASSACHUSETTS. [Hannah Webster Foster]. The Coquette (Early American Women Writers) and millions of other books are .. Hannah Webster Foster’s novel The Coquette is an excellent example of. The Coquette, or, The History of Eliza Wharton by Hannah Webster Foster. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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The Coquette – Wikipedia

Reverse the scene, and you will perceive the alternative, which is submitted to your option, in a virtuous connection with Mr. I received it with pleasure, and embrace this early opportunity of contributing my part to a correspondence, tending to promote a friendly and social intercourse. This man is not disagreeable to me; but if I must enter the connubial state, are there not otherswho may be equally pleasing in their persons, and whose profession may be more conformable to my taste?

In about a fortnight. His profuseness may bribe the unthinking multitude to show him respect; but he must know, that though “Places nannah honors have been bought for gold, Esteem and love were never to be sold.

Open Preview See a Problem? The Coquette was an easy read, but for some reason, it took me awhile to read my assigned chunks, and for that reason, it gets four out of five stars.

I now joined in the general topic of conversation, which was politics; Mrs. There was a Mr. Only to the assembly, madam. When I had concluded, she shook her head, and replied, beware, my friend, of his arts.


I was really happy in the reception of this proof of his affection. I rallied him hhe his old fashioned taste; but my heart approved and applauded his attachment.

Plaza: Dialogues in Language and Literature

O, not so soon, said I. I am going myself to the assembly this evening, though I did not mention it to General Richman; I therefore took websyer leave soon after dinner. Are they not legibly written on every page of our existence? We had by this time reached the gate; and as we dismounted, were unexpectedly accosted by Mr. Feed on Posts Comments. This event will, I hope, make a suitable and abiding impression upon my mind; teach me the fading nature of all sublunary enjoyments, and the little dependence which is to be placed on earthly felicity.

I replied that I had no reason to doubt the sincerity of the one, or the other, having never put them to the test, nor did I imagine I ever should. Remembering that women did not work back then and need to find a stable husband eebster order to avoid poverty and starvation, I think that Eliza would have been better off marrying Mr.

May I inquire after your gallant, my dear? What shall I say about this extraordinary man? I have but lately entered society; and wish, for a while, to enjoy my freedom, in the participation of pleasures, suited to my age and sex.

I was purposely without a partner, that I might have the liberty to exercise my gallantry, as circumstances should invite.

I would not be understood that I do not respect and esteem him; for I do both. This speaks to the lack of autonomy women had over their lives. A phantom is often pursued, which wrbster its deluded votary the real form of wretchedness. The gates of a spacious garden were thrown open, foater this instant; and I accepted with avidity an invitation to walk in it.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. These, however, were not many; for Major Sanford assiduously precluded the possibility of my being much engaged by any one else.

The gayest circle is irradiated by her presence, and the highest entertainment receives its greatest charm from her smiles.

At present, I wish innocently to enjoy her society; it is a luxury which I never tasted before. Why would Foster want readers to think her novel as fact, not fiction?

It’s also likely that Hannah Foster was upset at this idiotic double standard. She is the very soul of pleasure. That, you will say, is out of character. Richman a good evening, and went down.

The Coquette, or, The History of Eliza Wharton by Hannah Webster Foster – Free Ebook

I hope, said I, since we are engaged in the conversation, that you will excuse my frankness, if I tell you, that the understanding and virtue of this worthy couple, induce them, without any regard to rank, to bestow their esteem wherever it is merited. Unfortunately for Eliza, Boyer has already decided to marry Maria Selby, a relation of Boyer’s friend. The group casting Eliza as the coquette was quick to point out that the term itself is designed to insult women.

Our short acquaintance renders it impossible for me to decide what the operations of my mind may hereafter be.