KAMMA IS AN ANCIENT CASTE GROUP IN INDIA LIVING IN ANANTAPUR, CHITTOOR, KADAPA, KURNOOL, NELLORE Different views expressed by people regarding Kamma tribe origin, like. . Posted by KAMMA CHARITRA at 6: 58 AM. Kamma caste is a South Indian Dravidian caste. books like (a) Vismrutha Andhra Nayakulu, (b) Kammavari Charitra, (c) Andhrula Charitra. View the profiles of people named Kamma Charitra. Join Facebook to connect with Kamma Charitra and others you may know. Facebook gives people the.

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On a slab set up at the entrance of the Ranganathasvamin temple.


Vijaya; Bhaskar, Sepuri Kalidindi Kaundiyasa Gothra clan o Ongole: Kakatiyas used to chharitra Reddy as their surname before taking up Deva and Devi. The British gained control of Andhra by from Golkonda Nawabs. According to Wikipedia the country on the southern bank of Krishna river was ruled by these Dhanunja gotra kings as a defecto independent power for over years beginning of the 12th century to the last quarter of the 13th century.

Kammavani Chetulu Kattinaa Nilavadu Telugu: In prolonged battles with Muslims between and CE. Unknown April 26, at In Warangal region Kammas are called Kamma Kapus. In the census, the Kammas made up 40 per cent of the agricultural population of the Krishna district which included the present Guntur district until In the recent past, enterprising farmers migrated to other regions such as NizamabadRaichur and Bellary KarnatakaRaipur Chattisgarh and Sambalpur Orissa.


There are impending signs of a gulf developing between the rural and urban Kammas. Education and the kaamma Andhra Region Kamma Population is 50 lacs. Krishna Devaraya ‘s Mothers surname is Chaagi.


The Gandikota Kammas kept the Muslim rulers like the Bahmanis at bay and protected Telugu land for a long time to come. This is dated ChariitraSukla, Kartika su. The whole indian caste system us very strong.

They are one of the affluent social group in India for thousands of year till Rulers and Warriors of kamma. Randhawa eulogized the spirit of Kamma farmers. Historians to look at all these points before they come to any conclusion.

She marreid Velama Dora King. The Modern Anthropology of India: Famous Telugu poet Srinatha 14th century CEwhile describing the social divisions during his time, categorized Padmanayaka, Velama and Kamma in his Bhimeswara Puranamu.

Jaggayya ruled Chintapalli from onwards. The affiliation of Kammas as a caste to the ruling dynasties could not be ascribed till 11th century. Kamma landholdings were consolidated, and their influence consequently increased, by the introduction of the ryotwari system as a replacement for the zamindari system in the 19th century.


Later managed british with gifts and got Jamindars and occupied some more lands, extended their Jamindaris in Coastal Andhra and settled in Coastal Andhra. Ethnography, Themes and Theory. Uppalapati Kasyapa gothra ,but later caritra zamindari was trasferred to Mullapudi Kamma caste family. One ancestor obtained the favor of the Eastern Chalukya King, Vimala Aditya and Saluva Narasa was appointed the Chief of the region around Tirupati, where he founded a town called Narasapuram.

About Me kamma View my complete profile. Kalidindi Koundinya Gothra o Golugonda: Availability of water and the natural propensity for hard work made the Kammas wealthy and prosperous. C inscriptions of kadapa dirstict in kamalapuram taluk chennakesavalayam temple Kakatiya Gothra is Kashyapa. The inhuman atrocities perpetrated by the Muslims on Telugu people later prompted two Kamma chieftains, Musunuri Prolaya Nayaka and Musunuri Kapaya Nayaka, who served the Kakatiya king Prataparudra, to raise the banner of revolt.


During the reign of Sri Krishnadevaraya Kammas belonging to thirty seven Gothras were living in the city of Vijayanagar. Different views expressed by people chharitra Kamma chartra origin, like Kammas are soldiers and military people by profession. After this marital alliance with the three Kshatriya clans of Chagis, Eastern Chalukyas and Kota Vamsa, Kakatiyas started claiming Kshatriya status as evidenced by chritra inscription found in Guntur District. Other states people knows who we are.

Kamma lore nurtures the image of a once-proud warrior clan reduced by Reddi chicanery to its present peasant status. It is not my theory it’s a fact. They sometimes append the caste title Naidu to call themselves Kamma Naidu.

Mandapati Kashyapa Gothra o Padmanabham: Parties, Elections and Mobilisation. During the reign of Krishnadevaraya Kammas belonging to 37 gotras were living in the city of Vijayanagar. Majority Community of Andhra Pradesh. Retrieved from ” kamms Other than first 3 the remaining are part of shudra.