Haruki Murakami might be the one with a novel called Kafka on the Shore, but with ‘The Woman in the Dunes,’ Abe beat him to everything but. Dazzlingly original, Kobo Abe’s The Woman in the Dunes is one of the premier Japanese novels in the twentieth century, and this Penguin. The Woman in the Dunes, by celebrated writer and thinker Kobo Abe, combines the essence of myth, suspense and the existential novel. After missing.

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Tale about a man obsessed or maybe possessed with sand who during the trip to the sea is trapped in the dunes in a cave inhabited by a lonely woman. When under pressure, the man thinks in fragments of thought that spiral into new fragments—some of which, udnes moments of clarity, feel precise and measured, while others, detailed as his thought process descends into paranoia and despair, are simply odd wanderings of the troubled mind.

There are no talking cats or parallel worlds in this book.

The woman, for her part, welcomes his company and assistance, and shows no interest in helping him escape or in leaving herself. Kato ShuichiNihon bungakushi josetsu, the second volume, Tokyo: In social psychology, this phenomenon is called reduction of cognitive dissonance, the theory of which implies that one’s behaviour changes one’s mind Nishida Crisis in Identity and the Contemporary Japanese Novel.

For all his pomposity, the man tries koho be decent. This book is horrifically claustrophobic and eerie.

However, they leave womab rope in the hole, thus finally offering Niki the opportunity to escape. Hence, such people virtually lead their corporate married lives until their death. It is not necessary for a salaryman to go abroad in order to obtain a divorce from the kaisha; it is sufficient for him to get a new job at another kaisha.


If you have any difficulties with this website then please send an e-mail to the webmaster. Reviewers compared Abe to Sartre and Camus; it’s dubes years since I’ve read both, so I’ll do my best to judge the book on its own merit.

A lot of sand. On surface, The Woman in the Dunes is a deceptively simple story.

The Woman in the Dunes

Therefore, the hole has to tie him to itself and the woman, i. Ego drain can become a reform plan for the kaisha only if the salaryman who wants to quit the kaisha is indispensable to the kaisha.

The hole dunse only exist by virtue of the sand since it is situated in the sand; however, it fears the sand since it is in danger of being buried by it, which would imply the death of the hole. This fact implies that his ego’s power is insufficient for him to be conscious of tge true nature. I think, therefore I am cut asunder. Contact Ted Gioia at tedgioia hotmail.

The Characters from the Viewpoint of Jungian Psychology.

Or if they had any significance they were lost on me. If expressed as a metaphor for marriage; it would be ‘divorce’. The infamous sand that makes up the titular dunes of the novel seems, at first, to be just that: In short, then, dknes came from fragmented rock and was an intermediate between clay and “It was like trying to build a house in the sea by brushing the water age.


It entirely determines the lifestyle of the town in which the man is trapped, as well as determining the necessity of trapping men like him to the survival of the townspeople.

The Woman in the Dunes – Wikipedia

The Jungian concept of the great mother constitutes two aspects: Then look up “burakumin”. In a worst case, the senior salarymen may continue to be unaware of his resignation even after he has actually kobi the kaisha. This section describes the future of the recruit Niki on the basis of the above-mentioned discussions. Prior to the discussion, I reiterate womah Niki does not marry the hole great motherbut the woman anima. He wanted the reader to feel the clustrophobic feelings of the people caught in the sandpit.

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Late to the Party: Kōbō Abe’s ‘The Woman In the Dunes’

Niki is discouraged by zbe villager’s ‘irrational idea’ Abe Their selfishness has come from the ‘great mother’, a concept that is represented by the hole in the novel. View all 4 comments. The man is trapped in a class war – or womam war – unacknowledged by society at large. Abe’s works are generically concerned with the human state of balance, whose fragility becomes evident in a life of pointlessness and insufferable futility.